Gbagada Residents Contribute To Fix Their Dilapidated Roads (Photo)

While the rainy season in other climes brings forth a period of relief and cheers to residnets due to its positive effect on their lives, same is not the case of residents of Peace Estate in the Soluyi-Gbagada axis of Lagos.

This is because once it rains, the roads leading to the estate, the ones in the community as well as other adjoining ones turns into a nightmare for residents who use the roads to eke out a living.

Connecting roads to the Peace Estate estate such as Powerline, Anipole, and more are in terrible shape and becomes an eyesore during rainfall. Similarly, roads inside the estate such as Ola Adebiyi, Liverpool Avenue, Deji Olamiju, and Jacob Nwajota, are partly dilapidated as a result of lack of proper drainages with some partly eroded.

To forestall any difficulty during the looming raining season, executives of the estate however took a decision to ensure their roads are in proper shape ahead of the season. As a result, the Peace Estate CDA executives urged residents of the estate to contribute the sum of Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000) to enable them find a lasting solution to their dilapidated roads.
To ensure residents have adequate knowledge about the funds, the Estate CDA group printed banners placed at strategic positions leading to the estate.

What is however shocking is that these set of individuals resident in the estate are …..

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