Amebo Feed Publisher Begs For Peace, Apologize To Maiyegun Olusola Badero On Rape Stories


In the spirit of neutraliylty and balance, The publisher of Amebo Online News has taught it expedient to send his apology letter to Badero Olusola Maiyegun prior to a publication posted on his platforms which he did not confirm the source before sending out through his solicitor in a request to Maiyegun Warning letter from his solicitor R. R. A Associate dated June 1st 2017 where he was given 7 days ultimatum to remove all posts concerning BADERO OLUSOLA MAIYEGUN from his platforms, without any further argument, the blogger removed everything the second day and sent a letter of apology for defamation of character he might have done to Badero Olusola Maiyegun in any ways, after which he was counseled by his lawyer on the need for apology letter to be sent to Maiyegun without any compromise.


Solanke Taiwo who is the publisher said:

_as a youth and ambassador of peace & progress, I strongly believes in making peace after reading through Dasuki and Buhari story which was very inspiring and need to be served as an example within we the youths of today’s generation_


Below is the copy of the letter sent from Amebo Feed solicitor to Maiyegun Olusola Badero through his lawyer Habeeb Whyte.


The warning letter to remove the post published and apologies response after the removal attached within.

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