N-Power Adopts Whistle Blowing Strategy To Expose Volunteers Already Employed

​N-Power on Monday warned volunteers and applicants likewise to stop seeing the programme as an avenue to make free money.

This warning was posted on its twitter handle, @npower_ng.

“For those who have a job and use N-Power as a secondary source of income, proceed with caution.”

“N-Power has a whistle blowing policy. Details on this coming soon”.

The handle also responded to a comment that politicians were collecting applicants information for possible placement.

“Politicians collecting information is their problem. We have said again and again, that the only application we recognize is done online.”

Meanwhile, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has extended registration for 2017 N-Power application by two weeks.

Osinbajo announced this on Friday, when he visited the N-Power Call Center in Abuja, where some youths were given tablets to facilitate their jobs.

The application portal will now close on Thursday, July 27, 2017.

The N-portal reopened for registration on Tuesday​ June 13, 2017​.

The N-Power Volunteer Corps is part of the Federal government’s Social Investment Programmes, under which it plans to hire 350,000 unemployed graduates.


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Re: N-Power Adopts Whistle Blowing Strategy To Expose Volunteers Already Employed by Chyhappy4:04pm
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