DRIVING Tips:what To Do If The Road Is Flooded

Driving through floods can pose all kinds of problems such as the possibility of electrical faults,the risk of hydraulic lock i.e when engine suck in water.Also,damage can be done to the pistons,connecting rods and other vital parts of your car’s internal mechanics.

If you come upon a flooded street,take an alternate route.Take extra precautions if you’re forced to drive through water.If you have no alternate route and you have no other reasonable alternative but to drive through standing water,then follow the tips below

Only drive through water if you know how deep it is.

Do your best to estimate the depth of the water.If other cars are driving through,take note of how deep the water is.

Drive slowly and steadily through the water,as driving fast through standing water can cause expensive damage.it only takes small quantity of water sucked into the engine to cause serious damage.

Avoid driving in water that has fallen electrical or power line poles in it,in order to avoid electrocution.Electric current passes through water easily.

Be cautious of items traveling downstream as you can easily be trapped or crushed if you’re in their path.

As you drive slowly through flooded road,keep the engine revving by slipping the clutch, otherwise water in the exhaust could stall the engine.

If you have driven through water up to the wheel rims or higher,your brakes should be tested on a clear patch of road at low speed.If they are not stopping the vehicle as they should,dry them by pressing gently on the brake pedal with your left foot while maintaining speed with your right foot.

If your vehicle stalls in the flood,you may need to restart the engine to make it to safety.Remember that restarting the car may cause irreparable damage to the engine.

If you can’t restart your vehicle and you become trapped in rising water,it is advisable to abandon it for higher ground.

It is also inconsiderate to soak pedestrians by driving fast through the flooded roads.

Another thing to watch out for are the inconsiderate drivers racing through the flood in the opposite direction with their SUVs or trucks,creating waves high enough to drown your car.

If you are unable to get out safely,call the attention of passerbys or someone standing on higher ground so that they may help you out.

Finally,always remember to park your car at an higher level if your parking lot or compound is prone to flooding after a light or heavy rain.



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